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Turn up the volume!

There is this one company from Berlin that really cares about high quality sound. I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about if you are at least a little bit into audio. My story is about my worst experience with their products – and that tells a lot about the otherwise amazing quality.

However, sometimes I wonder if their design team even looks at the back of their devices. Or if they care about the UX that one encounters before listening.
The issue that has been bothering me for quite a while (see what I did there? ) is that my subwoofer would sometimes just turn off. Or don’t even turn on to begin with. I soon figured out, that it would come back to life when increasing the overall volume. Of course that’s no permanent solution but it got me thinking about that automatic activation feature it has. I took a look at the very rudimentary back of the subwoofer and found a dial...

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About this Blog

There is one thing I want to make clear right from the beginning: I am not a professional designer. I never got any degree that would say something about my knowledge in design. However, I always enjoyed creating stuff that appealed to others and myself. That being said, let’s talk about this blog.

The Idea

I think I thought about starting this blog for a long time without even knowing it. There always was a for me need to talk about something I just noticed, e. g. when I realized it took me half a minute to find the time my pasta needed cooking to be al dente. I knew there must have been something wrong about how that information was placed on the packaging and started analyzing, almost forgetting about the pasta.
That was the moment I realized a blog could be the right format to not only rant about such unpleasant encounters, but also to analyze them, to find out what one can learn...

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